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As an agent, you can take advantage of many unique opportunities when it comes to working with investors. Many agents view working with investors as a waste of time – however, we know you have a business to run and can’t afford to waste your time with investors who aren’t serious. At Bonafide Property Solutions, we pride ourselves on having a systemized buying process; which eliminates the need to waste your time on tedious tasks. You can rest assure that we are serious buyers who close with cash and very quickly.


We believe that good investors are those who place high value on the knowledge and expertise of good agents. In turn, we hope to share our knowledge with you and help to provide you with a lucrative and consistent stream of income. So, if you can shift your thinking and learn how to leverage working together with investors, you’ll realize there are many potential benefits – creating win-win situations for everyone.





Benefits of Working With Us



Gain Repeat Business

One of the main benefits of working with an investor is the potential for repeat business throughout the course of a year. By working consistently with a successful investor who actively buys and sells properties, you can predict a steady revenue stream based on their level of activity. Although it varies, most real estate agents typically close between 2 to 10 deals per year with investors. A good agent will be able to leverage those deals into even more deals, just by working with the buyers who purchase investment properties.


Opportunity To Make Both Sides Of Commission

By acting as a dual agent in a transaction, representing both the buyer and seller, you can earn both sides of the commission. For example, let’s say that you as a licensed agent have an REO property listed. Our goal is for the agents we work with to be excited to work with us which is why we’re happy for you if you received both sides of the commission. That merely means you were great at your job!

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